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Soft Tail Hefeweizen 4.0% ABV/ 10 IBU/ 7.5 SRM

This golden ale is brewed with 50% wheat and is intended to be cloudy to slightly

hazy. Very low bitterness allows the esters produced by the yeast to shine. Notes of

citrus, clove, banana and bread. Outlawed by the German purity law

“Reinheitsgebot”, it was the favorite of some members of the German royal family

and only allowed to be produced by a single brewery for 82 years!

Watson’s Finest Dry Irish Stout 5%ABV/ 35.9 IBU/ 32.9 SRM

Black in color, crowned with a fluffy tan head,

this stout features notes of toffee and bread in the nose. Flavor is rich, but light in

body. Expect flavors of coffee, chocolate and toast. The name stout was first coined

in 1677 to separate the style from porters. We don’t have a 9000 year lease like

Guinness, but we hope to share this brew with you for years to come. Slainte!

Hard Crush Cider 5%ABV / 0 IBU/ 12 SRM

A blend of apple varieties and a little yeast delivers a fun, effervescent, lightly

sweet cider with a dry finish. North Georgia is home to a handful of family owned

apple orchards. Our apple cider comes from Gilmer County, the apple capital of GA.

At one time in our nation’s history, cider was more popular and readily available

than beer.

Wheelie Weizenbock 7.0% ABV/ 22 IBU/ 20 SRM

Weizenbock is a stellar combo of two styles of beer: the Hefeweizen and the

Doppelbock. Weizenbocks have a sweeter, malty, fruit-forward flavor; are usually

higher in alcohol and dark in color. The same yeast and 50% wheat malt as in the

Hefeweizen is used in the recipe, allowing a glimpse of Weizenbock’s smaller

cousin. Most wheat beers fell out of favor by 1812, when lagers became more

popular. A taste to the comeback!


Sweet Ryed IPA 5.8% ABV / 62 IBU/ 7.1 SRM

This variation of the traditional American IPA features the addition of 25% malted

rye to bring out a little sweet and spicy character. We chose to model this style in

the West Coast tradition, by using an American yeast strain paired with classic West

Coast hops. (Chinook, Bravo, Centennial)

DIPA Duluth Imperial Pale Ale 8% + ABV/ 77.8 IBU/ 9.5 SRM

A citrusy, light bodied, slightly red Double IPA. Using modern techniques and skill,

this DIPA packs a punch. Yes, imperial and double mean the same thing. Just

depends on what side of the pond you are from. Cheers! (Apollo, Bravo, Centennial)


Spark Plug Pale Ale - 5.0% ABV 32 IBU

We think of this as a 6Sfull version of an American Pale Ale with light malty notes and copious amounts of traditional American hops added late in the boil to deliver an assertive bitterness and citrus aromas. It fringes on a traditional English ale known simply as "Bitter." What truly defines this as an American "Bitter" or Pale Ale are the yeast and hop choices. Enjoy this beer with friends and "Spark" up some lively conversation! (Bravo, Amarillo)